The Band

Jules Reason has experience in many aspects of music making, from performing and recording to Production and sound engineering. He has travelled extensively with his music and is an accomplished guitar player, songwriter and performer. His passion is for performing music that requires originality, creativity and accomplishment. He has wide musical experience and worthy technical abilities, enabling him to perform a wide range of styles with expertise and conviction. Performing alongside likeminded musicians in Vervain fuels his passion for making world class music.

Danny McGilloway has been brought up through the oral music tradition in Ireland and has played the bodhran
since he was knee high to a leprechaun! His rich knowledge of the very best Celtic music has inspired him to bring the ‘Celtic’ twist to Vervain through the deep and varied tones of the bodhran. Danny plays each tune from the heart and takes great pleasure in encouraging the audience at every gig. With an extended family full of Celtic culture and tradition, it is not surprising that his love for folk keeps the spirit of Ireland alive with each beat of his drum!

Cherie Musialik's life has revolved around music and singing, starting in school days with Folkal Point and graduating through various line-ups and range of musical styles, but the origins were heavily influenced by folk music.

From the rock band StarGazer, Cherie found herself singing with Les Gray in a latter day line-up of his band MUD. The time spent with Les was an intense period of touring and recording – an invaluable experience recording for RCA and Runaway records. All the while Cherie and her musical collaborators were intent on maintaining their own identity – to follow their own career path. Touring was always part of the lifestyle and the travel was extensive. It was during this period that first saw Cherie and band mate Jules in a band to be known as Touch and Winning through an EMI sponsored competition to record a CD single at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. Cherie also sings with the soul/funk/RnB outfit Gee Baby I Love You. Cherie and Jules have found themselves performing together in many diverse bands over ensuing years, culminating with Vervain. Strangely , Cherie’s musical journey has come full circle here.



Nicky Tiddy recently fell in love, again. She’s already devoted 30 years to her passion for teaching music, drama and performing arts, both here and abroad, and has been a Head of music, running orchestras, choirs, school productions and innumerable performances.  That passion now flows to Somerset Music Service and her own successful private business, teaching flute and piano. She was trained as a classical flautist and pianist from an early age, but alongside there was quietly bubbling fondness for Folk music, which grew with the years. When she met her first whistle - that was it. A new love blossomed. Fougere Rouge Ceilidh band taught her the ropes and she still plays with them. The Lochrian Ceilidh band cemented her friendship with Alison and they went on to be founding members of Vervain, through a joint love of Folk music. She now owns a plethora of whistles, is constantly exploring their timbres and harmonies, and has discovered the best way to keep them warm during performances is down her boots. Somehow there’s always space for a new whistle.



Alison Francis Black has been a professional performer for over 20 years both in the classical and folk/world music scene. She has performed all over the UK and in Italy. She has recorded for film and television and appears on a number of classical, pop, jazz and world music albums. She is a founder member of Celtic folk band Vervain and a core member of the Lochrian String Quartet and Ensemble  and music and storytelling collective Wild Words.


Caitlin Alais Callahan studied Music and Composition at the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. She works actively as a Pianist, Double Bassist and educator around Bristol, performing in diverse groups such as Vervain, The Big R Big Band, Halftone Quartet and SALTINGS. Caitlin is passionate about music education, working mostly with youth vocal ensembles including South Bristol based Cosmos Children’s Choir, and Weston College’s Musical Theatre department.