What people who hear Vervain have to say...


"What a great evening! I knew it would be a good evening but the energy and dynamics of the band were astonishing and the variety and range of the songs is exceptional. A couple of comments on the album, fine production work (not that I expect anything less) but so many albums using these instruments end as a pale and insipid versions of live performances you've managed capture that essence of vitality but kept the precision of the recording and allowed each instrument its own space in each song, ultimately it all comes down to damn fine songs played by very special musicians whose passion and love of the music comes across so strongly"    
Nigel, Member of Public.


"How can I thank you enough!! Vervain are brilliant and the music was exactly what I was hoping for. What a great, friendly easy bunch you all are"

Nicky,   Festival Organiser.


"Came across to Golden Valley this afternoon. We were serenaded all the way from Scotch Horn by the sound of Vervain. You are a fab group of musicians and added such class to the event."

Gil Atkinson, Member of Public


"Vervain closed the night with a set that had the place going bonkers...you don't often get folk up dancing at a folk club! They are such a highly talented group of musicians...Great stage presence too. Their version of 'Full Rigged Ship' is amazing."

Eric Brooker,  Folk club organiser.


It's folk Jim, but not as we know it! Great night at the Tithe Barn. Been a while since I've seen you guys and you just get better and better. The interplay between Jules, Nikki and Ali is spine tingling at times and the tension (in a good way) the band create is totally absorbing, not seen a band who can 'build' tunes like you do for a long time. Cherie's backing vocals work with Jules' lead vocals beautifully (more please) and the musicality of new double bass player Caitlin came through very strongly in the second set. New songs sound very promising, looking forward to hearing them on the new album.

Nigel Evans Member of Public


Great gig at the Ritz tonight. I was looking forward to seeing you all together as a six piece and I wasn't disappointed, great individual talent and feel, nice use of light and shade in well constructed songs and tunes plus great, controlled energy in the driving jigs and reels. Kept your audience from the the first chord to the last hurrah! Nice one Vervain ..... look forward to seeing you again. I will certainly be recommending you to others.

Graham Philip Cook - The Ritz Acoustic Club, Burnham